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Skin Cell Therapy, Wrinkles & Age Spots

Alicia's Skin Secret

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Skin Cell Therapy, Wrinkles & Age Spots

Glass Dropper Bottle, 2-6 drops needed, 120 drops per-bottle 

Skin Cell Therapy. This Ayurveda oil is a healthy way to feed the skin’s microbiome. This therapy oil quickly absorbs into the skin to help the skin become more nourished. Plump, repair, calm, helping to reduce wrinkles, lines, it’s anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce sun damage, very anti-aging, helping to reduce scars, & stains. Working throughout the skin to stop sun damage, tighten, oxygenate, & stimulate new, healthy cell growth!

How To Use:
Shake! Ultra-concentrated, use sparingly! Use on face, eyes, lips, neck, and chest. Depending on what you need and where your using it, use 1-5 drops onto fingertips, rub fingertips together, pat all over the face, then rub into skin. If using only on eyes use 1-2 drops. Use day or nite. Excellent product for use after microdermabrasion, laser treatments, or for older scars/sun stains. Great eye & lip repair.


organic Ingredients and vitamins:
Organic rose hip oil, organic carrot seed oil, vitamin e, emu oil, marula oil, beta-carotene, vitamin a, retinyl palmitate, carrot extract, licorice root, vitamin c, vitamin d, t-resveratrol, polyphenols, organic seabuckthorn oil, comfrey, pink himalayan minerals (over 80 trace minerals), frankincense, geranium, neroli, chamomile, rose, lavender, helicrysium, myrrh, saffron, calendula flower, comfrey root, cucumber, Indian madder barberry

Ingredients: Keep At Room Temperature To Protect The Living Ingredients. Everything Is Natural And It's Raw State, Very Pure, Concentrated And Made In Small Batches

Shelf Life:
4/5 Months, made fresh weekly

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