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Product Testimonials

I thought you would like to know that your products (at least the one with vitamin E that I ordered [Over 40 Skin Cell Therapy]) are being recommended by an emergency room doctor in Bend, Oregon. I got the information from a friend that had the unfortunate experience of meeting him in the ER. Merry Christmas
- Judy

Now I have tried most every product available that Alicia makes and each is as fantastic as the next. Love the Pure Skin Silk, Satin Cream, Active Serum, No lines Eye Silk, Sprays and Body Lotion, Highly recommend, the customer service is top-notch and shipping very fast and secure, no spillage! Thank you!
- Tammy, 40, CA

I love these products. They are amazing and the seller is so generous. I love them!!!!
- Racheal, 28, CA

I just want to let you know how much I love your products! I was a bit curious on how my skin would react - it's normal/dry - because of the autumn weather in Denmark is really rough on my skin makes it dry and itchy, with the cold and wind. I always buy organic and "clean" skincare, but often it just seems like the products doesn't "sink in". But your stuff is so GREAT! It took about a week, then the dry spots had totally disappeared and my skin feels and looks better than ever, and it just improves for every day I use your wonderful products I love the scents, the texture and how it just melts into my skin. I clean my face morning and evening, and it's just such a pleasure these days, because I got hold of your products. This is truly one happy customer who will be back for more!! :D Thank you so much!
- Mia

Oh I love Your Skin Care. I had a really bad skin reaction on 30% of my body that made me allergic to the sun for months and then I had to have laser treatments. I have been using this [Active Alive] serum on my body as well as my face and my doctor can't even believe how well my skin has responded. It is almost as good as new. I wish this serum came in a bigger size. I also love the spray. I am getting close to needing that as well. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. I couldn't use the other products I got because my skin is so oily naturally and it caused break outs but I love the serum and the Himalayan Spray.
- Betty,39, San Luis Obispo CA

I use this [Active Alive] serum and Alicia's Lavender Bliss twice daily, and my face looks better today than it did 15 years ago! My friends ask me all the time how I have such a creamy and healthy complexion! I do not go a day without this serum! Thank you, Alicia! It also has a wonderful, fresh smell but not too heavy. This lavender bliss gives me a chance to spray true-to -the-plant-smelling mist on my face, hair, and neck. My two young children love when I freshen their faces with it too. It also provides this great cleaning and polishing that is so gentle. I love this stuff! Thanks Alicia.
- Julie, 45, Paso Robles CA

This is a fantastic deal and a wonderful introduction to Alicia's body butters. I have opened and used one, Coco Devine, and I absolutely love it! The texture is light and whipped, it sinks in immediately, and it is sublimely aromatic. This decadent pleasure is amazing, and I can't stop carressing my own skin! Alicia is a pleasure to deal with, starting with almost instant communication about the transaction as well as how to use the products, and she was more than generous with free samples and gift! All good and many thanks, and I will be back for more I usually shy away from serums (too rich, unpleasant feel, no result) but this product is in a class by itself. How something so lovely and light can be so hardworking, I don't know, but this concoction is amazing. I am very impressed by Alicia's knowledge, passion, and professionalism, and her products are wonderful! All good and many thanks.
- Martha, 46, CA

Thank you so much for making such a fantastic body lotion [Body Butter Silk], it has totaly gotten rid of my little girls exzema. It only took a couple of days to see it was helping by the end of the month it was gone. Now all i can see is where it was, but it's GONE! My little girl is so happy!!Thank you SO Much
- Katie, 30, San Luis Obispo

I have been prescribed antibiotics, retin-A, cleansers, topical solutions, spironolactone - you name it, I've used it. Now, at the age of 45, I am also dealing with wrinkles and age spots. I began using the Acne/Breakout/Dark Spot Serum about 4 months ago, I have not had one zit! My face is smoother and my age spots are lightening too! Make up is finally an option instead of a necessity. I also Use her face wash, and the Active Serum.
- Reanna 35, CA

I can't believe how much my skin tone has changes since i have been using your line. I am 33 and have tried many different natural products, and i have never had anything work like this. I had lots of sun damage and acne scaring, and so much of it has disappeared after only 2 months of using your skin care. The products soak in like i have not ever experienced before, and my skin is no longer sensitive. Love the Active Serum, Best Therapy Ever, Face wash & scrub its all just so amazing. Also My mineral make-up even goes on so much smoother, I love your make-up set, i haven't ever found a make-up set that did irritate my skin. My minerals Now GLOW! Thank You!!
- Kara, 33, San Luis Obispo, CA

I have been using Alicia's skin care for about 3 years now. I love what it has done for my skin tone and color. I had a blotchy, un-even skin tone before I started using her products. Now even my friends comment all the time how wonderful I look. Just the other day my friend told me I looked better today than I did 3 years ago.
- Sherry L. 53 Paso Robles, CA

I have been using Alicia's amazing skin care creams and oils for over a year. My skin looks radiant since I have been using Alicia's products, women stop me on the street or in the market to ask me what I use on my skin. I have never had this happen before. I love Alicia's products!.
- Alexandra B. 68 Templeton, CA