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Refresh Toner, Day or Nite

Alicia's Skin Secret

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Refresh Toner, Day or Nite

Don't Leave Pipe Water On Your Skin. This Toner is Packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fruit water and more. Improve the texture of your skin and pores while helping your skin to absorb your other skin care products better. Calms Down irritation and redness

Face, Neck, Chest, Tops of Hands

Day time:
 Wash Face, Use Toner, Active Alive Serum, H20 Water (if you like extra moisture/glow) choose product of choice

Night time:
Wash Face, Re-Wash with Scrub/Wash Cloth, Toner, Bright Skin Tone (or mist one pump with toner)  H20 Water and/or Both Retinol Serum or product of choice.

Organic Ingredients:
Himalayan water, hyaluronic acid, rose flower water, aloe leaf juice, calendula, cucumber water, rose, frankincense, vitamins B5 peptides, white willow bark



Shelf Life:
3-4 months, made fresh weekly. Use Daily, shelf life isn't an issue. If used daily it will last 7-9 weeks. 
Keep at room temperature to protect the living ingredients. Everything is natural and it's raw state, very pure, concentrated and made in small batches.

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