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Face Polish - Raw Scrub

Alicia's Skin Secret

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Face Polish - Raw Scrub

Face, Neck, Chest, Hands, Full Body. Add Product to Your Face Wash and Body Wash in The Shower On Second Cleaning. Don’t Scrub On First Wash!

Using this 2-5xs a week it will shrink the pore size, improve the skin texture, help sun damage, lines, wrinkles, thick un-even skin, and help products absorb. Cut down the congestion, while helping with blackheads to stay away. 

 How To Use:
On Second Face Cleansing, After the skin is warm/wet and clean the you can Mix a double pea size with face wash and water 4-5xs a week. If you Need more aggressive scrub, use more scrub, need less use less.  For that extra Glow Add ONE Pump of Brighten Skin Tone to the Toner Pad after washing. FOLLOW with Serums and/or lotions/oils.

Never Scrub Face on First Wash. Remember Your Skin is A Sponge. Pores open and close all day. The air is Dirty. First time you wash you are just cleaning the pollution, dirt, oil, moisture, and product off skin the 2nd wash you are cleaning your skin.

Ingredients: "DRY Scrub" 2.5oz
 microdermabrasion crystals, dry french green/white clay, crushed jojoba meal, crushed extra fine walnut shells

Shelf Life: If the inside of bottle doesn’t get moisture 7/8 month shelf life.  Live Ingredients: Keep At Room Temperature To Protect The Living Ingredients. Everything Is Natural And It's Raw State, Very Pure, Concentrated And Made In Small Batches.

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