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H20, Hyaluronic, B5, Niacinamide & Peptide

Alicia's Skin Secret

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H20, Hyaluronic, B5, Niacinamide & Peptide

Over 120 drops per-bottle, Only 2-5 drops needed

Face, Eyes, Lips, Neck, Chest & Tops of Hands


Enjoy this Himalayan, Hyaluronic, Vitamin B5, Peptide Water Serum moisturizer for deep penetrating moisture without the Fillers. Boost collagen, brighten skin, calm the appearance of wrinkles while retaining skin moisture. Keeping your skin younger looking and supple with a beautiful healthy glow.

How To Use:  Use 2-5 drops on finger tips, run fingertips together, Pat all over skin and very quickly massage into your skin. Then continue to pat the skin for 5-10 seconds, to push product deeper into the skin. You can Mix a few Drops of this Product With Anything For A Boost


Eyes; Layer this around your EYES and watch those wrinkles and lines Plump Right Up! ADD to eyelashes and brows to help them grow

Day time: Wash Face, Use Refresh Toner, Active Alive Serum, H20 Water or mix one pump of Active Alive with 1-3 drops H20. Then which-ever product your skin needs afterwards.

Night time: Wash face, re-wash with scrub/wash cloth, Toner, Bright Skin Tone, H20 Water and products of choice

H20 Serum Organic INGREDIENTS: Himalayan water, hyaluronic acid, vitamin b5, vitamin b3 niacinamide, alpha-arbutin, licorice root, apple extract, tripeptide-38, dipeptide-5 and tripeptide-5 rose water infused with 84 pink Himalayan minerals, vitamin e, honey suckle blend


 Shelf Life: 3-4 months, made fresh weekly. Use Daily, shelf life isn't an issue. If used daily it will last 8-10 weeks. 


Keep at room temperature to protect the living ingredients. Everything is natural and it's raw state, very pure, concentrated and made in small batches.

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