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Brighten Skin, Nite Time SALE

Alicia's Skin Secret

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Brighten Skin, Nite Time SALE
Brighten Skin, Nite Time SALE

Over 120 squirts per-bottle. Nite Time Product

This product is used to improve the skin's appearance, texture, and brighten-up the skin tone. It helps reduce lines, wrinkles, new and old sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, control breakouts, congestion, thick rough skin, large pores, acne scarring, left over marks from pimples or sun-damage.

Once applied, this product will react with the upper layer of the epidermis, weakening the binding properties of the lipids that hold the dead skin cells together. This allows the top layer to be exfoliated exposing live skin cells. Then helping the skin cells to receive more important ingredients to break-up pigmentation and wrinkles. Forcing the skin to be smoother.  

Night time only: Unless your Inside All Day.

Wash Face, Re-Wash with Scrub/Wash Cloth, Toner, Bright Skin Tone, H20 Water and/or both Retinol Serum or Product Of Choice.

Different Ways to Use: 

1. Spray two full squirt into your palm/closed fingertips, rub palms/fingertips together, pat all over skin, then rub in fast. 

2. Mix ONE pump on Cotton pad with Toner of Choice 

3. Mix one pump with any favorite nite time product 


*Do Not Use "Before' A Work-Out, Getting In A Sauna or Direct SunLight. 

*Do Not Spray Directly On-To Skin 


Organic Pure Pink Himalayan Mineral Water (over 80 trace minerals), 10% Glycolic acid fruit acids/alpha-hydroxy acids, apple extract, hyaluronic acid, alpha-arbutin, licorice root, rose flower water, vitamin b5, chamomile, honey suckle


Shelf Life:
4 months, made fresh weekly. Use Daily, shelf life isn't an issue. If used daily it will last 8-10 weeks. 
Keep at room temperature to protect the living ingredients. Everything is natural and it's raw state, very pure, concentrated and made in small batches.

Suffer From Breakouts? Start a food/drink journal. Avoid When Skin is Not Clear: If you do have Acne/Breakout issues it is best to stay away from all dairy, fried foods, sugars, no juice, corn, wheat/grains, processed foods, peanut butter, nuts and seeds, sugary alcoholic beverages, wine & beer. When you do breakout, ask your self what foods/drinks have you had in the last few days, or if you have been washing 2xs at night and exfoliating. 
I recommend Jane Iredale Pressed Minerals for  Sun Block for those with Break-Outs. 

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