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Clear Skin Toner

Alicia's Skin Secret

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Clear Skin Toner

You Can Customized by asking to Leave the Ingredient Tea Tree 'OUT’ 

Packed with vitamins, minerals, herbs and more, improve the texture of your skin tone and pores while helping your skin to absorb your other skin care products better. Get Glowing Skin Again!

This amazing toner fights dark spots as much as it shrinks pore size, brightens the skin and calms the breakouts from happening while helping to clear the complexion up. Get Glowing Skin Again. Use on cotton pad and as a spot treatment. Most effective if used daily.

*Do Not Spray Directly Onto Skin. Spray on a cotton pad and use on Face

Day time: Wash Face, Toner, Active Alive Serum, H20 Water (if you like extra moisture) then which-ever product your skin needs afterwards.

Night time: Wash Face, Re-Wash with Scrub, Toner, Bright Skin Tone, H20 Water and/or both Retinol Serum or Product Of Choice

Organic Ingredients: Himalayan water, 10% glycolic, apple extract,  tea tree extract, watercress extract, sage extract, bladderwrack extract, aloe leaf juice, vitamin B5, white willow bark, hyaluronic acid, bearberry leaves, honey suckle


Shelf Life 3-4 month, if used daily its not an issue.


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