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Active Alive C, H20 Serum, Brighten Skin & Retinol Serum

Alicia's Skin Secret

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Active Alive C, H20 Serum, Brighten Skin & Retinol Serum


Refine and Brighten your Complexion with this Day & Nite Time Skin Care Kit. Try adding the Face Wash, Raw Scrub and Toner to this for a smoother, brighter & healthier complexion. 

Morning: Active Alive & H20 Together 

Nite: Brighten & Retinol Together 

 Products Included with Order, Brochure Included If Your New

Active Alive C Serum

Brighten Skin Tone

H20 Hyaluronic B5 Serum

Retinol Serum





Best for: Hyper-pigmentation, even tone clarity, brighten-up the skin, helping unhealthy skin, smaller pores, anti-aging, reduce stains, restore collagen, reverse damage, refiner, helping lines & wrinkles.

These products will brighten the skin as it fights free radical damage, promoting deep repair. Helps lock in moisture. Helps protect against UVB damage and skin discoloration. Working throughout the skin to stop sun damage, tighten, oxygenate, and stimulate new, healthy cell growth.


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